Contracted cultivation

The rape seed processed for Rapso is 100% from contracted cultivation.

Contracted farmers commit themselves to comply with special requirements for cultivation: in doing so it may only use the VOG certified seed and no other rape. A rotation of four years must be maintained. Rapso fields may not be directly next to a motorway, on busy streets there must be a 5m width strip of flowers planted acting as a border to the field. Only agents from the "green list" are allowed for plant protection, as fertilizers only mineral fertilizers, farm manure and compost are allowed.

The compliance with the cultivation requirements is strictly controlled and logged. This guarantees absolute product safety and traceability back to the raw material and also to the individual customer.

To ensure that the Rapso farmer applies all of the requirements he is duly rewarded: the Rapso farmer earns around 40 € per tonne more than for conventional rape. In 2018 725 Austrian contract farmers farmed Rapso in an area covering 5,987 hectares.

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