No genetic engineering

The majority of people reject the use of genetic engineering in agriculture and food production.
In order to protect consumers the European Parliament adopted a regulation on genetically modified food and animal feed in 2003. Thereafter genetically modified food or animal feed must be suitably labelled after the approval by the European authority for food safety.

VOG AG already began dealing with this topic in 1995 and its dynamics still appear undiminished even today. The guarantee "GMO-free" was an essential part of the design in the Rapso project right from the start.

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Rapso is a 100% pure rape seed oil derived exclusively from crops that are guaranteed to have been cultivated with no genetic modifications. The rape, which is processed into Rapso comes exclusively from contracted cultivation. The guarantee follows via a closed control chain that begins with the seed, continues at the contracted farmers and the transfer stations and ends at the oil mill. Of course the required due diligence is also applied by the partners in the oil mill. This is supported by a strict quality assurance programme based on many tests from our own laboratory. Controls are carried out by the company Agrovet; that also issue the independent test certificate.

VOG work together with the skilled seed producer Saatbau Linz. On the one hand, this guarantees a sustainable supply of GMO-free seed. And on the other, VOG is able to take advantage of the company's decade tested control apparatus.
Only harvested stock from approved areas may be used. 2 samples are taken from each delivery. Storage is carried out separately in own silos or flat storage, which must be labelled accordingly. The amount of the stored goods must agree with the quantities which have been accepted according to purchase certificate. Each silo cell must be sampled and examined.
The goods are to be accepted separately, stored separately and processed separately from the oil mill. A minimum of 2 samples are taken from each delivery.
Test are to be carried out on purity, FFA (= free fatty acids), glucosinolates, residues (chlorinated hydrocarbons, heavy metals) and compliance with the varieties (by means of electrophoresis).
All of this gives VOG the security to be able to guarantee that no genetically modified rape seed will be processed during the production of Rapso. For this reason, the product carries a guarantee seal.

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