Added value of Rapso

Rapso is a real innovation because it supplements the valuable conditions of the rape seed oil's raw material with unique quality characteristics:

Guaranteed free from genetic engineering

  • Only specially controlled varieties are approved for the contracted cultivation. Farmers commit themselves to cultivate rape only for Rapso and no other edible oil projects.
  • At harvest, acceptance, storage and processing of the rape seed the strict principle of separate logistics is applied.
  • Each farmer, every piece of the field, each warehouse and the oil mill are checked by an independent, state-authorised inspection body.
  • The test certificate for each crop confirms that Rapso complies with the GMO-free legal regulations of Austria and Germany.

Safe and traceable

  • The rape seed processed is 100% from contracted cultivation.
  • Contract farmers commit themselves to comply with special requirements for cultivation and to the managing of traceable records.
  • A control chain which starts at the field and ends at the bottle ensures absolute product safety.
  • A modern, computerised system guarantees the traceability back to the raw material and also to the individual customer.

Carefully processed in the oil mill

  • The oil extraction is carried out by a simple pressing of the crushed and heated seeds. A subsequent extraction with chemical solvents does not occur therefore residues in the oil can definitely be ruled out.
  • The refining or filtering of the oil is carried out by a specially developed physical rather than chemical based procedure.
  • Through this careful processing a high content of natural vitamin E remains and artificial additives are therefore not necessary for Rapso.
  • Rapso is stored immediately next to the oil mill in tall, narrow stainless steel tanks and bottled on site in light-protective glass bottles. Transporting the oil is unnecessary, oxidation is avoided from the beginning.

All-rounder in the kitchen

  • Rapso has a neutral taste. In contrast to olive oil, it does not affect the taste of the food.
  • Rapso can be used in many ways in hot and cold cooking:

- for salads and dips
- for marinades and mayonnaise
- for steaming, frying
- and also in baking.

  • The high proportion of mono-unsaturated fatty acids provides high heat stability. And so Rapso is ideal for deep frying.

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